6'' x 16" Diameter Juice Proof Vacuum Chamber Turntex Woodworks


SKU: Chamber6x16

This premium vacuum chamber is made from clear plastic material to allow you to see through it to better monitor the stabilizing process. This "Juice Proof" chamber is virtually indestructible and maintenance-free. It is impervious to Cactus Juice which allows you to leave the Juice in the chamber as long as you want. Custom machined fittings including base with mounting tabs and top flange Pressure fit submersion plate to keep blanks submerged. Also works as a strainer when you empty the chamber CNC machined lid for ultimate vacuum and durability 2.5" Stainless steel liquid filled vacuum gauge. Vacuum breaker system with valve 72" x 3/16" ID clear vacuum hose with vacuum pump adapter and quick-connect fittings 16-page color Instruction Manual and Stabilizing Handbook