Aqua Ambient Glow Stone 1/8" Nuggets 1oz Bag- Glow in the dark for Inlace/Resin

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SKU: Aqua-AB-1/8"

AGT™ High Performance Commercial-Grade Glow Stone outperform ANY/ALL TYPES of Glow Marble or Glass Glow Chip products commonly found on the internet by a minimum of 30%.


* Initial Brilliance: HIGH: Aqua Blue (turquoise)
* Charging Time: 8 minutes of daylight
* Glow Duration: 10hrs.
* Sizing: 1/8" - 4mm (+/- 1/16")
* Daytime Color: Off-White
* Texture: Lightly Tumbled
* Coverage Rate: Approx. 36sf/lb. (3.35m2) - Glow stone every 3"- 4"
* Uses: Integrated into resins for the glow effect