Comet II Versaturn Coupler


SKU: NOVA47000

NOVA 47000 Comet II Versaturn Coupler Accessory fits the NOVA 46300 and 46302 Comet II Midi Lathes. This unit enables each of the NOVA Comet Versaturn Accessories to be mounted onto the Comet II Midi Lathe. This unique, patented world first approach to versatile Midi Lathe design delivers maximum flexbilitiy for the lathe owner, allowing the user to consolidate key wood working and wood turning functions into the single machine, saving space, time and money. The 47000 Comet II Versaturn Coupler is quick to lock and unlock into place, and has easy reference points. Once in place you can add the other Versaturn Accessories in the range. Made from solid aluminium die cast to achieve less stress on the spindle whlist maintaining accuracy and long life.