Holzfforma G111 Top Handle NO BAR/ NO CHAIN 2 - 4 day shipping from CS20066


SKU: CS20066

This is a TOP QUALITY 32.5CC Holzfforma Brand Gasoline Chain Saw Without Guide Bar and Chain, produced by Farmertec Machinery. All parts compatible to the ms200t and 020t.

Technical Specifications:

The Holzfforma G111

Chainsaw type                             Hozfforma single cylinder 2 stroke engine

Total Mass                                    Without bar and chain 4.5kgs

Cylinder Displacement                 35.2cm3

Idle Speed                                    2,500 RPM

Maximum Power Speed               11,500 RPM

Cylinder Bore                                40 MM

Fuel System

Carburetor Model Name               Diaphragm carburetor

Fuel Type                                      Unleaded 90+RON

Fuel Mix                                        2 stroke 25:1 (25 parts of unleaded fuel to 1 part of 2 stroke oil)

Fuel Tank Volume                        22fl.oz

Cutting Attachments         

Guide Bar                                    14” or 16”

Maximum Cutting Length           35 or 40cm

Guide Bar Type                           Sprocket nose

Chain Type                                  3/8”LP .050”

Chain Sprocket                           Standard 6 tooth 3/8" LP pitch

Chain Lubrication                       Fully automatic oil pump

Bar Oil Type                                SAE#10W-30 or Similar

Oil Tank Capacity                       10.2 fl.oz