Inlace Inlay Granules 50 Grams Black

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Inlace Granules 50 Grams Black

InLace Nuggets are one of several optional InLace additives, available in fifteen colors, that can be added to any InLace recipe to customize the texture and color of the inlay. InLace Nuggets are a coarsely ground material, with an approximate texture of a very finely crushed gravel. As with all of the available additives, these are used by craftspeople to customize the texture and color of the inlay being created. Every artisan that uses InLace products has complete control over the creation of customized inlay 'recipes'.

The pictures below approximate the color of the material. Please note that colors will intensify when used and 'activated'. The Nuggets and Granules are the same material, but provided in different 'grinds'. This difference impacts the final texture of the inlay. Depending upon the amount used, the 'perceived' color can also be affected.

A filler that provides a Granite effect, safely and easily worked by woodworking and finishing equipment, InLace Nuggets and Granules are our most popularly used InLace additives.

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InLace is the premier resin inlay material on the market today, and is a favorite for woodturnings, inlay for stringed instruments, is commonly used by cue makers, as well as gourd artists.