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Inlace Liquid Inlay 2 Ounce Turquoise Kit

Available in ten pre-mixed custom colors, as well as Clear, the InLace resin inlay system is the ideal choice for a wide range of craftspeople and artisans who want to incorporate an inlay into their wood, gourd, or stone projects. The InLace Kit is the basis of this inlay system.
Every InLace Kit includes one can of resin, one bottle of Hardener, a dropper cap for the Hardener bottle, one ounce measuring cups, three ounce measuring cups, stirrers, and instructions.
Small Kits contain 4 ounces of pigmented resin (8 ounces Clear). Large Kits contain 8 ounces of pigmented resin (16 ounces Clear).
If using the Clear Kit, every aspect of the inlay is under the complete control of the artisan. Additives are mixed into the Clear InLace resin to customize color and texture. The many potential combinations of this inlay system allow for the creation of a wide range of InLace 'recipes'. This brings new excitement to carvings, gourdcraft, wood bowls, turnings, guitar inlays, and more. Many artisans can benefit from this product because amazing decorative effects are achieved by filling carved areas, recessed areas, and voids.
With the same refractive index as glass. the Clear InLace can be used 'as is'. The Polylite clear casting resin is designed to accommodate uses which call for high clarity and lack of coloring. These qualities make the Clear Kits ideal for using InLace dyes, and an excellent 'base' for 'starting from scratch' customizing of inlay designs. Note: The Dyes are intended to be used with the Clear Kits.
If using a pigmented kit, the user is beginning with a 'base' inlay that is 'ready to go' and can be used 'as is' with excellent results, or customized with the use of InLace additives. New users can benefit by starting with pigmented kits because the predictability of results and initial successes with early projects and products are more easily attained as the user becomes familiar with using the InLace inlay system. It has been our experience, however, that most users move quite quickly to trying their hand at completely custom inlays, because the Clear Kit is the solid number two selling Kit, right behind the top selling Turquoise.
Simply pour an appropriate amount of resin into the provided measuring cup, mix in additives if desired, add Thicken-It if necessary, and add the needed amount of Hardener. Then, mix into a paste-like consistency and proceed with the inlay. InLace 'sets up' in 12 to 15 minutes. It cures in 12 hours, ready to be sanded and finished using standard woodworking techniques and finishes. InLace kit contents. 
If 'small batching' but also using additives, we recommend using the 1 ounce measuring cup to get an accurate measure of the InLace resin, and then transferring to a three ounce measuring cup so that additives can be easily introduced and thoroughly mixed.

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InLace is the premier resin inlay material on the market today, and is a favorite for woodturnings, inlay for stringed instruments, is commonly used by cue makers, as well as gourd artists.