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Stick Fast Hold Fast V812 Vacuum Generator TMIProducts

SKU- Part Number - V812


        The Hold Fast™ V812 Vacuum Generator features a built-in regulator that allows you to adjust the incoming pressure from the air supply, eliminating the hassle of readjusting the air compressor when vacuum chucking.

        Innovative and affordable, this vacuum generator utilizes a dual-venturi system within the generator to generate approx. 25" with compressed "air in" at 85 psi and approx. 21" at 70 psi. This can vary, depending on altitude and barometric pressure. Higher pressure up to 95 psi results in greater vacuum volume.

        The large, easy to read vacuum dial indicates how much vacuum is being created while the convenient on/off lever allows you to adjust the amount of vacuum by adjusting the amount of airflow. Although the amount of vacuum created is affected by altitude, porosity of the wood and the seal between the bowl and the chuck, the Hold Fast system is guaranteed to hold your work firmly in place at all times.
      • Supplied with a male quick disconnect fitting to accommodate standard air hose couplers
      • Includes flexible air hose for attaching to vacuum generator
      • Requires the Vacuum Chuck Adapter Kit for use with the Vacuum Chuck Head

Note: Air leakage from the on/off switch is normal during operation.


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